Multi-Family Construction

Apartment Complexes present a unique set of challenges for construction. Not only do you have to have the capacity to complete a wide range of construction trades in a short amount of time, it must be completed with minimal disturbance of the tenants. We work with dozens of apartment complexes throughout west Texas to complete CapEx improvements and we do this with a thorough understanding of what the ownership group needs. As Multi-Family owners ourselves, we realize the need to invest in the property to increase rent, while balancing budgetary requirements.

We have re-sealed entire complex asphalt parking lots, repaired sidewalks and fencing, trimmed trees, painted, and other outdoor projects. Our indoor projects include sheetrock, tape/bed/texture, paint, flooring, cabinetry/carpentry, and fixtures. If you have a CapEx you need to complete we can oversee every aspect of your rehab.